Cole Haan ~ SOLD

4 11 2008

Lunch Tote Maize

  • Custom pale gold hardware
  • Leather
  • Magnetic snap closure
  • Exterior side pockets
  • Interior zip, cell, PDA pockets
  • 14 1/2″ L X 10″ H X 4 1/2″ D
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    7 responses

    4 11 2008

    Hi… remember me from gathering at Auntie Noorlela’s house (Najmee)? I’m interested to get this bag…but curious kot ada in white/ off-white? Thanks

    4 11 2008

    Hello Afizah,
    Kalau tak silap nie anak kak long yer hehehe!! (Hawa Ayob) Jumpa Najmee last week kat LA, beraya!!
    Ok back to business.. color yang ader is black, brown, hot chocolate, whiskey and pine. They’re very nice colors. Let you know later… This mummy Nor ler Afizah.. thank you..xoxo

    4 11 2008

    i love this bag!!! =) nak..tapi…

    4 11 2008

    tapi??? bisa di urus… cute kan

    4 11 2008

    You can remember pretty well. Ya….anak mak long Hawa. Najmee is my cousin. Curious kale whiskey and pine tu, how do they look like? Cannot imagine. The tote is really nice…. But as I mentioned earlier, am looking for off white/ beige tone. Thanks.

    5 11 2008

    Off white/stone color in different style…

    6 11 2008

    reserved dah?? alorrhh…takder can lah i…huhuh 😦

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